April 12, 2014

De l'autre côté de l'objectif

cr: me

I've been posting quite a bunch of street-style photos that I took myself during the different PFW but I have to admit that you can see they were taken by an amateur. I'm far from being a professional, I still need to improve my photography skills. (if i have some) Talking about street-style photographers, there are some who are reeeaaally good and just thinking about it, i still can't believe i saw some of them in real. They were standing like 10 foot away from me? Whatever, I'm not trying to appear as a fanatic or what but what I'm trying to say is that I really admire their work and I got the chance to take a portrait of four of my favorite photographers: Julien Boudet aka Bleu Mode, Phil Oh aka StreetPeeper, Youngjoon Koo aka Koo and HB Nam aka Streetfsn

April 9, 2014


cr: me

Bon, il est tant que je laisse ma flemmardise de côté et c'est à mes risques et périls que me revoilà avec un nouvel article. (j'imagine que le peu de lecteurs que j'avais a fini par laissé tomber l'idée qu'il soit un jour publié) Depuis ma "Sans Valentine's day", la PFW Ready-to-Wear s'est déroulée et avec beaucoup de chance,  j'ai eu l'occasion d'assister à quelques défilés dont celui de Pascal Millet. J'ai entendu dire que cette nouvelle collection était inspirée du livre "Lost Holywood" de David Wallace. En alliant deux univers, celui de femme fatale d'Hollywood à un autre plus enfantin, c'est comme s'il contait l'histoire d'une petite fille rêvant de devenir une icône d'Hollywood. Tout en finesse, Pascal Millet a créé une collection dotée d'une classe et d'une maturité incroyable. Voici les clichés que j'ai pu prendre des différentes pièces composant la collection.

Well, it's time for me to put away my laziness and at my own risk, here i am with a new article. (I imagine that the few readers I had, ended up droping the idea of me posting anything new someday) Since my "No Valentine"s day", i attended the Ready-to-Wear PFW and with a lot of luck, i had the opportunity to assist to a few shows, and Pascal Millet was one of them. I heard that his new collection was inspired by David Wallace's book "Lost Holywood". By associating two universes, the Hollywood's femme fatale one to a more childish one, it's as if he was telling the story of a little girl dreaming of becoming an icon in Hollywood. With a lot of delicacy, Pascal Millet managed to create a collection full of class and maturity. Here are the clichés of the different pieces of the collection i got.