April 29, 2015


You guys are pretty lucky, this is my second article this week and I have to admit that I'm quite surprised myself (I'm on easter holiday, that's probably why aha). But you know what ? Let's just hope this will continue, right ? So, I believe that you are now pretty familiar with my friend and occasionally photographer Chloé from Crackeryourstyle. Well, last Saturday, her and I went to brunch, which btw was really good and left us REAAALLY FULL like we were totally beaten afterwards (you can see how big the platter was on my instagram). The thing is that besides having a brunch on a beautiful Saturday morning (the weather was far from beautiful ! With the luck we have, the day had to be rainy of course), we actually planned to take some photos of our outfits for each of our blogs but the energy just went out. You just had to see us wandering in Paris, not knowing where to go, with the idea of going back home and sleep as the only thing in mind. That's why I'm sorry for the lack of research on the location of our photoshoot session. I just hope you won't be too disappointed by the result (my hair look so messy.. ugh)
Promise, I'll try to make some efforts next time ! x

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