October 17, 2015


Sorry for not keeping you updated during summer but I was a bit overload between my internship and my trip to Japan then South Korea (I'd tell you more about this in another article). Today I'm sharing with you guys an outfit from my internship era. You certainly know my taste now, and as usual, black and white are a must. I've been quite obsessed with lace and my obsession is still going strong though wearing it have become more and more difficult these days. The summer heat has now been replaced by a really chilly fall and I just can't get used to it. I miss the warmth of the sun. In the space of two weeks, the temperature has dropped drastically and I don't even know what I should wear.. Can you believe that I'm already starting to wear my turtleneck sweaters ?! I miss chilling around in nothing more than a shirt dress ! I guess I'm more of a spring/summer person than a fall/winter one. What about you guys ?

Stay warm and try not to catch a cold ! x

on me
top: ZARA
trousers: Primark
shoes: Vans x & Other Stories

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  1. I really like your outfit! And also the shoes 8D I already miss summer. I mean, I have no idea about what I can wear in winter. How are you?